1st- You must always apply castor oil on the edge of your hair and the skull to help to the growth of the hairs.

2nd- To get better growth and healthy hairs, brush it regularly.

3rd- Stop using heat, if you want to have healthy hair which grows stop using a hair straightener. keep it as natural as possible.

4rd-Use castor, coconut, and almond oil to prevent breakage and help to the growth.

5th- Never do to sleep with wet hair, it will damage the hairs as it is more vulnerable while being wet.

6th- Deep condition your hair every week, wash over the night  2hrs before you sleep and comb it then put and wash the next morning.

7th- Always wash your hair with cold water.

8th- Use a microfiber towel or a cotton tee-shirt to dry your hair.

9th- Use a satin pillowcase and change it every 4 to 5 days.

10th- Use light products and one brand at a time.

11th- Use alcohol-free products to keep your hair moisture.

12th- Do not apply pressure on your hair.

14th- Always comb your hairs while it is still wet it prevent it from breakage.

15th- Massage your skull to help it to get oxygen for the good growth of the hair.

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Thank you.


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